We are a volunteer group "SAKURA-KAI" for supporting learning Japanese.

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Q:I don't know my level of Japanese. Which class should I join?

A: Just come ! Teachers will recommend the most appropriate class for you. You can decide if you want to sign up for the class after the trial. If you feel the level suggested is not comfortable for you, feel free to try another level. You can also change the class half-way.

Q:Classes start in September. Can I join after Oct.?

A: We always accept the admission, but if the number of students is large you may you wait.

Q:I have a small child. Can I bring him/her to the class?

A: As long as classes are not disturbed, you are allowed to bring your child.

Q:Is there a plan to open weekend (holiday) classes?

A: No, not at the moment.

Q:Is there an intensive summer class?

A: No, not at the moment.

Q:I would like to learn Kanji.

A: Kanji study is not stressed, however certain classes may include some Kanji practice and we can recommend textbooks. Teachers will also check any practice work done at home.

Q:Is there any parking space?

A: No. Please use the public transportation.

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