We are a volunteer group "SAKURA-KAI" for supporting learning Japanese.

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●Tatiana(Russia) Beginners
The class was great. Teachers were so nice! I leant a lot. Thank you so much!!!

●Rebecca(U.S.) Beginners
The class is great. I really appreciate all of the extra actuates that the teachers provide.

●Park Min Sun(Korea) Beginners
I like this class. Because I can meet a good teachers and friends.

●Angela Beginners
Teachers of Sakura-kai are warmhearted and helpful, and you can improve your Japanese.

●Anne(G.B.) Upper Beginners
Divertentissimo, una finestra sulla cultura Giapponese e oltre.
Dedicated volunteer teachers, friendly students, a gateway to Japan and beyond.

●Maria(Russia) Pre-intermediate
I like lessons in Sakura-kai. During these lessons I have a good opportunity to learn more about not only Japanese but also about life in other countries from the students. Sakura-kai is a nice place for studying the language and spending time for fun.

●Sean(Canada) Intermediate
This was a really great class for me to expand my vocabulary. The teachers really helped to understand the finer points of grammar.

●Richard(G.B.) Beginners
Sakura kai gives a splendid introduction to the japanese language. The beginner course completed, I now feel confident in tackling the next year.

●Gabriele(Italy) Beginners
Ragazzi volete imparare la lingua Giapponese!! Sakura-kai e la scuola per voi,dove potete imparare a parlare, a scrivere e sopratutto la grammatica.

●Anne(G.B.) Upper Beginners
Highly recommended. Dedicated teacher, make friends with students from all over the world, have fun and learn Japanese.

●Marco(Serbia) Pre-intermediate
This class is very interesting and useful. The teachers are very kind and helpful. They make difficult things easy to understand. If it is possible-students should do mandatory homeworks

●Sean(Canada) Upper Beginners/Pre-intermediate
The Sakura-kai lessons teach you grammar and give you a chance to use it and the levels follow a logical progression as you improve. The teachers are really nice and give effort to help you. I'm very happy to have discovered Sakura-kai.

●Tanya(Ukraine) Beginners
I like so much. Very interesting. High quality of teaching. Good explanation.

●Josephine(U.S.) Beginners
It is a very good class . I like it better than private lessons. I believe I learn more this way.

●Stan(Australia) Beginners
The classes are well organised. The teachers are very helpful and friendly. I enjoy coming to class very much. Sakura-kai is doing a valuable job in providing this facility in Mita.

●Dahri(Indonesia) Beginners
It will be helpful and useful for students of the lesson in a big class around 60 minutes and then separate in small group lesson for 45 minutes.

●Noah(G.B.) Beginners
Lesson is very interesting and well examined with obvious effort and attention from the teachers-sometimes an English explanation or translation would help.

●Mark(U.S.) Beginners
I enjoy the class very much. However, I guess I am slow at learning Japanese, sometimes I feel that I am holding the class up. Senseis are more than helpfull.

●Svetlana(Russia) Beginners
Everything is OK. Thank you.

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